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 Sosial Issue Amongst Orang Ulu Teenager

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PostSubject: Sosial Issue Amongst Orang Ulu Teenager   Sun Jan 11, 2009 2:58 am

Dear All

There had been a lot issue arise amongst Orang Ulu Teenager not only in Asap-Belaga area but also in Baram remote area. According to my grandfather, when they were teenager, full of their time were occupied to help their parent at paddy field, some time during leisure time they go for fishing and netted fish at the river. they also going for hunting by followed their father to the jungle. He also very wonder why now aday teenager making a lot of issue like hanging around without nothing even not spending the time to help their parent for farming at paddy field even lazy enought to the near by river to fishing or nett fish.

according to him also, they only get druken during festival of harvest completion day which during that time was one of compulsory festival for all Orang Ulu communities to expand their thankfull to almighty for the new rice. But now a day teenager got druken for nothing even spending money for the addicted behavior to acohol. due to this, many issue will be happen and arise such gengster,drug,rape case,crime and these result will keep us Orang Ulu left behind compare to others cummunities.

please forward your idea for us sharing together and improving our communities..
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bie teloon

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PostSubject: sharing is caring   Tue Feb 24, 2009 7:01 am

First of all,may i share what is in my mind since i am an Orang Ulu and also Asap's resident(not a permanent resident mummy's longhouse) Very Happy ..Every end of the year,i go back to my kampung for Christmas..and besides that,i see the development of Asap teenagers as well..what i can see from my own eyes..i feel so sad since nowadays they did not grew up well like the oldies last pathetic i could say so far Crying or Very sad offense for those who are from Asap..i did not say all are like that...but mostly,is most worrying and worsen..most of the oldies who were successful people said that from what they had been through in their life..kan dulu-dulu hidup from there,they learn and very determine to change their life for a better life..but now,i did not see that spirit of changing their life for better in Asap teenagers nowadays No lots of them are un-employed or school drop-outs..yet they feel so senang duduk di rumah rather than further their studies or seeking for a good jod with a good salary..what i can see,even budak sekolah rendah pun very nakal..melepak..what more to say budak sekolah menengah..merempit,merokok..adui...sangat menyedihkan hati sa..masalah sosial pun menjadi-jadi..they seems did not have aims in their life..where is their ambition,their goals..they only know how to fulfill their useless desire only...without thinking hows their future going to i wish i could change their mind..they should not be so isolated and narrow minded..they have to think out of the box.. Sad as orang yang tinggal di kampung,kebanyakan orang susah..they should think from there..who wants to live so susah for the rest of their life?though i was brought up in a city life since small,with all the kesenangan yang ada,does not mean that i always wanted to stay at my comfort zone..its all depend from we wanted our future to be.. Smile so my advice to the Asap teenagers out..the decision is in your hand..whether you want to end up with a better future or on the other hand...i only can pray so that God...God bless.. Very Happy
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Sosial Issue Amongst Orang Ulu Teenager
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